About Our Search

Why We Develope It
Each year, our mushroom product range has changes. To give our customers more convenience in exploring our availables, we specially designed this mushroom search system.

However, it does not mean that the information at the system is as exactly as what we can supply (samples, mass products). The products change continusously and we reserve the right to supply items of alternations without notice. If you have futher interest after you visit the system, you are welcome to contact us for details.

Search Suggestions
The search system is only a beta version. For an effencient search, the following suggestions are for our users:

» Input length should be above 3 letters/numbers/mixed;
» Input numbers and/or letters only;
» Do not input special words like "a", "and", "or" and "not" etc;
» Use single and plural irrespectively;
» Try English and also Latin name of the mushroom;
» If you still fail with the above, please drop us an email.

We Are Improving
The system is only a beta version. We are keeping improvement of the system for more and more great experience from our web system.

Suggestions are also warmly welcome, as it is understood that only you can help us improve.

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