Veiled Lady (Dictyophora Indusiata)

It is a rear and precious fungi. With a veiled skirt covered, like a pretty lady, it is called the queen of fungi in China. It has a very good flavor and also can an excellent spice. With one or two pieces of veiled lady, soup can be stored for even three or foud days. It was highly evaluated by Mr. Kissingers, the former US secretary of the state.

Nutrition Info
Each 100g dried mushroom contains about 26.3g protein (7.9g higher than that of shiitake), 4.2g fat 8.56g phosphor, 44.9g carbohydrate, 6.4g crude fibre, 16 types of amino acids (upt to 32.1mg and 7 types essential) and various abio-salt and vitamins.

Health Benefits
It is also helpful to high blood pressure, adiposity, hepatitis, enteritis and flu. It is also used to enhance immune system functions, anti-cancer and tumors and also helpful to nervousness.