Boletus of the Steppes (Pleurotus Eryngii)

With a shape like a bowling, it is well know for its pleasing taste of almond, fresh and tender like abalone. The fresh items has unique flavor when cooked with meat or sea food stuff. The soup of this mushroom is magic and sweet.

Nutrition Info
It is a high nutrition mushroom, rich in protein (up to 25%), carbohy-drate, vitamins and minerals. It also contains 18 types of amino acids and saccharide. However, it is low in fat (caloric).

Health Benefits
The high volume of protein in this mushroom have actions to prevent hypercholesterolemia, lower blood pressure and improve the immune function system. Boletus of the steppes can also improve digest and preserve youth. It is recognised to be used for:
  - Cancer and tumors
  - High Blood Pressure or cholesterol
  - Diabetes
  - Obesity
  - Stomach disease or liver disorders
  - Anti-aging