Pom Pon (Hericium Erinaceus)

With a shape of monkey's (or bear's) head, it also named bear's head hericium or monkey head. White when fresh while brown when dried. One of the most famous mushroom in Chinese history. It is also one of the four most famous Chinese dishes.

Nutrition Info
The main components in pom pon is polysaccharide and Hericenones. Also rich in protein, polysaccharide and amino acid, especially Glutamic acid (0.6422mg/g).

Health Benefits
It is also one of the earlist researched mushroom in Chinese herbal medicine. It is reported constant consumption of it can be helpful to cancers, nervousness, tumors and depressed immune function etc. Clinic trial test reveals Hericium Erinaceus polysauharides-HEP is effective in anti-tumors by enhancing various immune system functions rather than attacking the tumor cells directly. At the same time, the hericenones can improve the composition of Nerve Growth Factors NGF, which is strong in prevention of nervousness and aging.

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