Maitake (Grifola Frondosa)

A Japanese name for an edible fungus with a large fruiting body charac-terized by overlapping caps . This rare and tasty mushroom has been highly valued in traditional Japanese herbology. It has a rippling form with no caps and grows in clusters at the foot of oak trees, like dancing butterflies , thus named "Maitake" literally "dancing mushroom".

Nutrition Info
Besides it flavor, it is high in nutritions. Dried maitake contains 22.25% protein, 23.58% amino acid (2 times as much as that of shiitake in amino acids essential to human body), and also rich in elements like Zn and Se.
Health Benefits
For thousands of years Maitake mushrooms have been revered in China and Japan as a food to maintain health, preserve youth, and increase longevity. Nowadays, there has been an increased scientific interest in the study of Maitake and its healing properties. Maitake has been recognized to good in treatment and/or prevention of the following:
  - Cancer
  - High Blood Pressure
  - Diabetes
  - Obesity
  - High Cholesterol