Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus Comatus)
It is a mushroom, preferring highly fertile habitats such as roadsides, nature strips and fertilized areas. It has pleasing flavor, fine texture and high nutrution. It is one of 16 types of rear mushrooms approved by FAO and WHO for "natural, nutritional and hygienical"

Nutrition Info
It is a high nutrition mushroom.Each 100g contains 3.78g protein, 0.32g fat, 1.87g dissolvable saccharide, 0.79g crude fibre, minerals and about 20 types of amino acid, 8 types of fatty acid and alkaloid (such as adenine).

Health Benefits
It is also a herbal helpful to improve digest, appitite and cure naevus. It is also reported that extracted shaggy ink cap contains the elements effective to diabetes.

It is highly suggested this mushroom should not be consumed with alcohol as this occasionally produces an unpleasant side effect.