Brazil Mushroom (Agaricuse Blaize)
Agaricus originates from Piedade, which is located in the suburbs of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is famous for its good flavor, high nutrition and health effects. It is a main mushroom recomended by United Nations for cultivation.

Nutrition Info
It is a high nutrition mushroom. Each 100g dried brazil mushroom, it contains 40~45% crude protein, 38~45% saccharide, 18.3% amino acid, 3~4% crude fat, 5~7% crude ash and vitamin B1 and B2.

Health Benefits
It also have good effect to vigor, beauty, improving the ability of your body to digest and absorb fat, dissolve cholesrin. It is helpful to the prevention and restrain of tumors. Meanwhile, it have enzymes, which are good to diuresis and stomachic.